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Bone Meal Powder


Bone meal powder is made from ground-up animal bones, typically from cows or other livestock. It is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, as well as other minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Product Description:

  • It is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, as well as other minerals like magnesium and potassium. Bone meal powder is often used as a natural fertilizer for plants, as it helps promote strong root growth.
  • It is rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, which are essential for plant growth overall.
  • Often used to enhance the growth of flowering plants, vegetables, and fruit trees.

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  • Bone meal powder is high in phosphorus, which is essential for root development, flowering, and fruiting in plants. It also contains calcium, which helps strengthen cell walls and improve overall plant health.
  • Bone meal powder is a slow-release fertilizer, meaning it releases nutrients gradually over time. This allows plants to absorb the nutrients as needed, reducing the risk of nutrient burn or over-fertilization.
  • Bone meal powder is derived from animal bones and is considered an organic fertilizer. It is a natural source of nutrients and does not contain any synthetic chemicals or additives.

Packaging Details:

500 gms, 1 Kg and 5 Kg. Can be customised for large orders.

How to Use:

  • Prepare the soil by loosening it with a garden fork or tiller. This will help the roots of your plants to easily access the nutrients from the bone meal powder.
  • Sprinkle the bone meal powder evenly over the soil surface. The recommended application rate can vary depending on the specific product and the type of plants you are growing.
  • Gently work the bone meal powder into the top layer of soil using a garden rake or your hands. Be careful not to disturb the roots of any existing plants.
  • Water the area thoroughly to help the bone meal powder dissolve and release its nutrients into the soil. This will also help prevent any potential burning of the plant roots.
  • Bone meal powder is a slow-release fertilizer, so its effects may take some time to become noticeable. Regularly check for any signs of nutrient deficiencies or excesses and adjust your fertilization routine accordingly.

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