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City Stress Escape – A Visit to El Rohe Farms in Kamshet, Near Pune 

Do you ever feel stressed when the city is too loud? Or when you have too many things to worry about and can’t relax?  

If you said yes, you’re not alone. Cities can be exciting, but they can also tire us out. We all need a place to get away, rest, and enjoy simple things. 

El Rohe Farms is that place. Our farmhouse is a peaceful place away from the busy city. Here, life goes by the rising and setting of the sun. The air smells of wildflowers, and you can hear crickets (an insect) chirping under the stars. 

So, are you ready to leave the city lights for starlight and try a different way of life at El Rohe Farms? 

Why You Must Visit El Rohe Farms? 

Imagine waking up in a tent with the sun shining on it. You’re holding a warm cup of tea made from herbs grown on the farm. You step outside and see the sun rise over the mountains and the mist move over the green fields. You feel the cool mountain air and hear a bird’s call. 

You spend your days here taking slow walks on nature trails, smelling the earth and wildflowers. You watch butterflies fly around; their colors bright against the landscape.  

After a tasty breakfast made from fresh farm produce, you explore the fields. You see where your food comes from and maybe even pick some fruit from a tree! You feed the hens, goats, and cows in the barnyard. 

Every meal at El Rohe Farms is made from the freshest ingredients. You’ll enjoy the simple, tasty flavors. You might make new friends with locals from Kamshet, share stories, and learn about life in this part of Pune. You can play volleyball, football, cricket – any game you like! 

If you want to relax more, you can swim in the dam nearby or go fishing. In fact, you can trek up the mountain and enjoy paragliding from the peak. You’ll see an amazing view from the top and feel the fresh air in your lungs. It’s really like heaven.  

After all this, at night, we’ll have our own dinner and cook it over a fire. Imagine eating barbecued chicken or fish under the stars – there are no city lights to outshine the Milky Way! You can sing, tell stories, and laugh – let the warmth of the fire and good company make you happy. 

Breathe Deep, Feel the Difference: El Rohe Farms Can Help You Heal 

When you get here, things change. You breathe in the fresh mountain air and smell the earth. The only sounds are birds and leaves rustling. With each breath, you feel less stressed. This isn’t just a holiday – it’s a chance to reset yourself. 

Here’s how El Rohe Farms helps you heal, in mind, body, and spirit: 

  • Natural Stress Relief: Peace calms you down. Nature helps to calm your nerves, reduce stress hormones, and make you feel peaceful. 
  • Boost Your Happiness: The sunshine, fresh air, and nature make you feel happier. You’ll find yourself smiling more and feeling happy. 
  • Clear Your Mind: Away from constant demands and distractions, your mind becomes clear. You’ll think more clearly, solve problems better, and go back to the city feeling mentally refreshed. 
  • Recharge: El Rohe Farms is a place to just be. You’ll sleep well, wake up feeling rested, and find an inner energy you might have forgotten you had. 

This isn’t just a break from the city – it’s beneficial for your well-being. Let El Rohe Farms help you feel whole again. Our guides will show you more of nature, revealing hidden wonders that will make you feel really connected to this place.

Feel peaceful and amazed – this is the simple, special magic of El Rohe Farms. Feel free to contact us and visit our website for more information about the packages. We hope to see you there. 


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